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Because a Truck Driver Needs his Driver Licence


Case 20135 $100 offer accepted today on a $15K tax liability!
John T. , a truck driver from Maryland called when he received a notice of intent to levy of judgment of unpaid taxes. He owed both the state of Maryland and the IRS a total of $18,000. He was concerned about his license since he had a state debt that was in collections. We started with an investigation and pulled all of John’s tax transcripts, put a collection hold in place and analyzed his financial situation to ascertain rather or not he qualified for one of the hardship programs that the IRS has. In addition, we contacted the state and found the collection agency assigned to him. We entered him into a reasonable payment arrangement with the collection company to prevent future collection actions. John’s driver’s license is now protected. We filed an Offer in Compromise with the Federal Government and got his $15K federal tax debt resolved for $100.00. Based upon John’s limited disposable income and no equity in assets, the IRS accepted a minimal settlement on this debt. John no longer has an IRS tax debt and his driver’s license is protected.