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Emergency Collection Activity: Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies


If you have been levied or garnished by the IRS, you may be panicking. However, if you can take a deep breath, you may be able to lift these collection actions as long as you have your last six years of tax returns filed. While there is never a guarantee, levies and garnishments can be lifted, but before you call a tax resolution company like Platinum Tax Defenders, make sure you do the following: :

1. Garnishment: Obtain your jobs’ payroll fax number or human resource fax number so that the release can be sent directly to them and then the garnishment can be removed before the next pay period.

2. Bank levy: Call your bank and ask for the levy release fax number. Bank levies are not as easy to release, but if we can show financial hardship due to the levy, then obtaining a release in a 48 hour period is possible. The bank is obligated to hold the money for 21 days after it is initially levied, but once it’s gone for good, there is no getting it back.

Platinum Tax Defenders will do these emergency collection activity responses for a specific fee, but would increase the fee if you wish for further services regarding your tax debt situation.

a. Emergency Collection Activity Response

i. Release of wage levy with IRS collections – $500

1. With a Revenue Officer – $750

ii. Release of bank account levy with IRS collections- $750

1. With a Revenue Officer $900

Please call Platinum at 1-800-991-3242. Have your fax number’s ready and the name of either your employer or your bank institution.