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Warning! If you have begun receiving certified letters from the IRScontact us immediately. This indicates that the IRS has placed you in the advanced stages of collections and that asset seizures and wage garnishments are imminent. Many people who try to handle their tax problems on their own consequently put themselves in an even worse predicament due to their misunderstanding of IRS rules, codes, protocols, and procedures.


Platinum Tax Defenders offers a full range of tax defense services including but not limited to Asset Seizure protection, Negotiated Settlements, Payroll TaxesPartial Payment PlansPenalty AbatementLevy Releases and much more. With our in-depth knowledge and team of some of the nations top tax attorneys and Enrolled agents, we will level the playing field and go to battle for you. Take charge of your situation now by calling PlatinumTax Defenders at 1-800-991-3242