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When to Call Platinum Tax Defenders


A tax resolution service is a tax firm that specializes in the area of resolving serious tax problems. Tax attorneys, CPAs or Enrolled Agents are the only designation that is necessary for proper representation before the IRS. If you are involved in a tax debt related matter with the IRS, or any state or county taxing authority, engaging a tax resolution expert to represent you is a wise choice.

Here are the most common reasons for putting a tax resolution expert to work on your behalf:

  • You need to resolve large amount of back tax issues and problems,
  • You will be bringing your tax matters before the US Tax Court,
  • Appealing an IRS decision through the Appeals Department,
  • You are being audited and need proper representation,
  • You owe a large amount of back taxes, fines, interest and penalties and you want to negotiate a settlement with the IRS.