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File Back Taxes

In today’s economy, back taxes are becoming an unfortunate reality for many taxpaying Americans. In fact, on average 19% of America taxpayers owe back taxes each year and are in need of help with back taxes to find a suitable resolution.Platinum Tax Defenders is a full service tax resolution service that offers their clients help with back taxes, tax resolution services, and various other tax related assistance. Platinum’s tax attorneys and tax professionals can provide help with back taxes for individuals who have failed to file and are currently receiving collection letters from the IRS.

Back taxes are basically any amount of income tax that remains unpaid each year. For individuals that have failed to file for past years, back taxes can add up quickly.  The IRS may have contacted you after an audit of your unfiled taxes, or you may be someone that files your taxes each year but simply have not paid the balance.  Either way, it can be a very stressful moment when you receive those registered letters from the IRS, and Platinum Tax Defenders are here to relieve some of that anxiety and help you get back on track.   Each year there are certain individuals and business owners that fall behind on their taxes or simply do not file for various reasons. The IRS is well aware of the fact that there will often times be a certain amount of people each year that either overlook filing their returns or do not file intentionally, which can result in mounting back taxes and increased financial anxiety for taxpayers that have fallen behind.  Platinum Tax Defenders offers assistance and help with back taxes that include working with the IRS on their clients behalf in order to come up with reasonable payment plans and settlements.  The consequences for unpaid back taxes will vary, depending on the individual taxpayers situation.  Wage garnishment, property liens, and bank account levy are all various possibilities, so it is very important for people that have fallen behind to contact a tax professional as soon as possible.  Working with a tax professional service like Platinum Tax Defenders is a much better option for taxpayers than attempting to contact the IRS on their own, especially if they have a large amount of tax due.  The terminology of the IRS can be hard to understand, and many taxpayers will agree to monthly payments or settlements that they simply cannot afford in order to get the IRS off of their backs.  The IRS is well aware of the economy and is more than willing to work within the budget of the debtor.  Having a skilled tax attorney on your behalf will increase your options of obtaining a payment plan or settlement that you can afford.  If you are a taxpayer that has received a letter or notice from the IRS stating their intentions to levy your bank account or garnish your wages, Platinum Tax Defenders can help you.   There is nothing to be ashamed of if you are someone that has fallen behind on your taxes.  Let’s face it, times are tough for many people right now, and very responsible people are falling victim to job loss and mounting debt.  Platinum Tax Defenders will work with you to get out of debt with the IRS so you can look forward to a positive financial future.

Platinum Tax Defenders works  one on one with their clients and the IRS in order to negotiate low monthly payments as well as one time lump sum payments in order to assist their clients in becoming current with the IRS.  We are experts in our field and work hard to come up with specific tax resolutions for each individual client, as we know that each person has a specific situation when it comes to back taxes.  The bottom line is the IRS does want their money, and in today’s economy, they are more than willing to settle tax debts and negotiate, as long as the taxpayer takes the initiative  to contact them and set up a reasonable payment arrangement .  The problem with this tends to be that the average citizen is unfamiliar with the legal terminology  and specific rules that the IRS has in place, and although they have good intentions, one or two missed payments can put them right back into default status, starting the whole collection cycle over again and causing much unneeded stress and anxiety for the taxpayer.

Platinum Tax Defenders is an honest and reputable tax resolution service company that operates legally and professionally. We are honest with our clients and do not sugarcoat the realities of unpaid back taxes and their penalties.  We provide honest answers for our clients and do our very best to negotiate on our clients’ behalf.   There are a lot of tax resolution services out there that make promises that are unrealistic, and you can count on us to be upfront and honest with you at all times.  Contact us for a FREE consultation today and get the help you need for a debt free tomorrow.