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IRS Audits

One of the most dreadful notices a taxpayer can receive from the IRS is a notice that they are to be audited.  An audit can occur for various reasons or for no reason at all. No matter how simple the request for information may be, we never advise any taxpayer to represent themselves in an IRS audit.

If you receive one of these notices, pause…take a deep breath, and realize that everything is okay.  Audits happen all of the time, and it is the IRS doing its diligence in making sure that the tax returns are completed accurately.  Just because a taxing authority has decided to audit you does not mean you have to be pushed around. Even if you have been honest and filed everything correctly, meeting with the IRS can be an intimidating experience and therefore we recommend that every audit should have a professional representing you.

Every taxpayer has the fundamental rights of due process, fairness and representation.  Here at Platinum Tax Defenders, we understand these rights. We know how to protect you from abuse, and can work with the examiner to accomplish a clean and simple audit.

The IRS auditor represents the IRS, and is looking to find errors on your return. If there are errors, it would be wise to have someone assist you in fixing these errors, admitting fault, and moving on to the next step.  If there are no errors, it is important to have someone there to argue your cause, provide the required documentation, and to have a clean and clear audit.

Audits take significant time away from your life, requiring you to gather many older records from years pasts, and audits often bleed into other years of audits as well.  The audit examiner will be very thorough, will want to review all documents, and complying with their request is a vital part of the audit process.

The IRS can audit you by mail, in their local offices, or in your office or home. The location of your audit is an indication of the severity of the audit, with the more serious audits taking place at your home or office.  Audits are all about documentation, proving documentation, and providing documentation for documentation.  If you have evidence of what you say is accurate, the audit will be smooth.  If you do not, than having a concrete plan is necessary as the examiner will try and have you provide answers to questions in which you have no proof.

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