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Revenue Officer Assistance

An IRS Revenue Officer is an individual whose main job is to collect back taxes owed to the IRS.  They are also diligent in acquiring documents, and are persuasive in closing cases through means of collections.  There are thousands of IRS Revenue Officers assigned to various tax issues such as:

  • Delinquent tax returns
  • Financial audits
  • Tax investigations
  • Overdue Tax Debt

Attempting to face an IRS Revenue Officer alone can put you at risk of not having your rights best represented. Our tax professionals at Platinum Tax Defenders can help you work with these individuals, their deadlines, and communicate with them on how they should resolve your case with a tax resolution rather than a tax collection.

IRS tax collection action begins when an IRS Revenue Officer sends an IRS notice or report to you. During this time, you may become subject to:

  • Wage garnishments
  • Bank levies
  • Seizure of assets
  • Tax liens

Revenue Officers can be assigned to a case for various reasons, regardless of how much you owe. However, if you owe more than $100,000 in back taxes, a Revenue Officer will be automatically assigned to your case. Once an officer is assigned to you, they will make an effort to contact you.  This can be done through the mail, through the phone, or even in person.  They have the right to inspect your property, meet at your place of business, or to inquire into any of your accounts.  The Revenue Officer is just a person doing their job, but their job is to make sure you pay everything you can afford in back taxes, and their methods of persuasion will be felt.  Therefore, having a team of professionals between you and the Revenue Officer is normally a good idea to resolve the problem and avoid business interruption.

If you owe back taxes or have unfiled returns, and a Revenue Officer is assigned, ignoring the situation is never the answer. Platinum Tax Defenders can help you face the intimidating tactics practiced by IRS Revenue Officers.  In working with Revenue Officers, our team has been able to close many cases, providing not only the taxpayer with the relief that they are seeking, but also allowing the revenue officer to have a closed file on their desk and provide the resolve that they too seek.

During our experiences in dealing with many taxing authorities, we at Platinum Tax Defenders have achieved a level of competence that can ensure our clients are being properly represented before their assigned Revenue Officers.