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Settle Back Taxes

Due to the current economic strain on the country and the increasingly complex tax laws, many Americans find themselves with severe tax problems and owing the IRS back taxes.  Unpaid back taxes surpass billions of dollars each year.  The IRS is a powerful and intimidating agency.  You need the help of a qualified tax resolution company to resolve your IRS back taxes.

Fear is the most common reason people avoid the IRS.  Ignoring notice letters and phone calls is never a solution.  Once collection action has begun, the IRS will not yield. An experienced tax attorney can pursue IRS tax relief on your behalf.

Settle back Taxes 

Contact a Platinum Tax Defenders without delay to avoid:

Our professional tax resolution team at Platinum Tax Defenders can represent you in IRS negotiations and help to settle back taxes for you.  We have been very successful in obtaining favorable tax debt resolutions for our clients.

With so many financial obligations and other responsibilities on your plate, it is easy to fall behind on your IRS or state income taxes. It happens, but unfilled income taxes and back taxes owed do not have to become a problem that drags you down, threatening the financial security of your family.

After a free consultation to go over the tax challenges at hand, we can help to determine what your Federal and State tax issues are and what the best options are available to you.

What if you don’t know what you owe and what needs to be done?  We can help out with an Investigation to the IRS and the state.  After the initial consultation we can do an investigation to determine exactly what you owe, for what years, place a hold on further collections, see what tax returns may need to be filed, and analyze your financial documents to determine the best resolution for you 

Whether the IRS is demanding full payment of back taxes up-front or a payment plan that is substantially higher than what you can afford to pay, don’t be fooled to think that this is your only or your best option.

Don’t be afraid of the IRS anymore. Get tax relief fast from the highly skilled associates at Platinum Tax Defenders, a leader in resolving back taxes and IRS problems.