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Tax Debt Relief

Taxes are something that must be paid every year by both individuals and business owners.   In the recent economy, there have been many people that unfortunately have fallen on hard times, and this is causing a large number of individuals and business owners to incur back taxes and large amounts of tax debt.  Platinum Tax Defenders is a full service agency that offers tax debt help and tax debt relief for people of all income levels.

Let Us Work For You

At Platinum Tax Defenders, we are aware of the stress and anxiety that back taxes and high tax bills can cause.  In today’s economy, many people are working less hours or are fully unemployed, which is causing a rise in unpaid taxes and back tax debt.  If you are one of many Americans that has fallen behind on your tax payments and have received a notice or letter from the IRS stating their intentions to collect, you may be in panic mode and are unsure what direction to take.  First off, take a breath and relax a bit.  We can assist you with tax debt relief and we have an impeccable reputation with our tax debt relief help services.  The IRS is a lot more lenient than they have been in past years, and are more than willing to work with taxpayers to assist them in meeting their obligations.  The sooner the taxpayer takes care of their back taxes and tax payments, the better off they will be.  The longer that taxes remain in default status, the more penalties and fees will be added which can add up to a hefty bill. At  Platinum Tax Defenders, we  have worked with individuals in all sorts of tax situations.  We know that each situation is different, which is why we work personally with our clients to make sure that their specific needs are met and that the payment agreement between themselves and the IRS is an affordable and realistic one.    We don’t sugarcoat anything with our clients and we provide honest solutions that work.

Letters of Intent to Levy

Anyone that receives a Letter of Intent to Levy from the IRS may instantly go into panic mode. The terminology of the IRS can be hard to understand, and many taxpayers will contact the IRS and immediately agree to monthly payments that are not within their budget in order to stop any further action from occurring.  The problem with this is that if a month or two goes by and the payment arrangement is defaulted on, the entire cycle starts all over again with added penalties and fees.  At Platinum Tax Defenders, we will sit down with you and advise on all your options, and we will do our best to negotiate a plan that will stop collection actions and levies.   There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about if you have received a notice or letter or if you are in danger of defaulting.   There is tax debt relief available for individuals and business owners, no matter how bleak the situation may feel.  Let our skilled team of tax attorneys and tax professionals assist you with getting out of debt with the IRS so you can move forward in a debt free fashion.

You Can Rely On Us

At Platinum Tax Defenders, we take pride in our reputation of honesty and integrity.  Our clients always are provided with honest answers regarding their tax questions, and we will not make any promise that we cannot own up to.  Many tax relief services will say whatever they need to say in order to secure their clients, and this can sometimes mean stretching the truth a bit.  Some examples of stretching the truth and facts may be a promise to save clients a large amount of money, or settle with the IRS for “pennies on the dollar”.  Each individual tax case has different circumstances and there is no way to predict what the IRS will agree to.  We will promise to work hard with you and do our best to work with the IRS on your behalf.

Platinum Tax Defenders is a professional tax resolution agency  that can assist taxpayers with various issues.  If you are currently dealing with back taxes, tax debt, or certified letters from the IRS, we are here to help.  Before you contact the IRS and agree to a payment arrangement that you simply cannot afford, contact us for assistance.  We will go over your specific case with you and advise on what we feel the best outcome will be for your situation.  There is tax debt relief available.  Contact us for a free consultation and we will do our very best to help you get out of tax debt for good.